Creek to Creek


Creek to Creek is a non for profit community group banding together under the auspice of the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce to renovate and extend the existing Queens Lake Foreshore Trail, that runs from the shopping complex at Lakewood and extends along the foreshore, along the boundary of Queens Lake Retirement Village and through to Henry Kendall Reserve, West Haven, a distance of 4.3 Kms. We hope to eventually link Heron’s Creek and Stingray Creek.

Our Primary service is to provide an all-weather, level surface along existing boardwalk and walking trail, which will increase usage by locals and visitors, including residents from the nearby nursing home and Queens Lake Retirement Village, with our focus on providing for people with mobility issues that need mobility aids to be able to get out and enjoy the wonderful beauty of the Trail.

Creek to Creek’s aim is to turn “just a walking trail along Queens Lake “into a show case for the LGA, a trail that is well maintained catering for all ages and levels of fitness with hard surfaces to the eastern end with the addition of a new section from Henry Kendall reserve to Stingray Creek Bridge and properly maintained and designated pathway to the west with attention to the area around Christmas Cove Caravan Park and in time continue the trail to the mouth of Herons Creek.

Our work will complement the Schools to Schools with additional access points along Ocean Drive to join up with rest areas at these points and to join up with Beach to Beach pathway at the refuge near Stingray Creek Bridge.

The Laurieton Multisport Challenge is our major fundraiser for the year.

As well as improving the existing trail our main focus is to extend the Trail from the existing end at Henry Kendall Road, 1.2 Km to the new Stingray Creek Bridge. This section meanders through mangroves and the foreshore of Muddy Bay behind the Catholic Church and the Bayside Industrial Bays.

In our Planning we are up to the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) then a D.A will be required. This is a huge cost but worth it if you visualise the end result.

Improvements so far.

At the start of the trail at Sirius Drive we are installing a covered shelter and seating – 2018/2019.

Behind Lakeside Caravan Park there have been 2 sections filled and an asphalt surface 1.8 metres wide both 75 metres long completed in 2017.

Section 1 Walking Trail.jpg

Improvements to an 80 metre section where drainage was addressed and Gabion Rock Wall were installed and the surface was graveled to a width of 2 metres - 2017.

A new seat was installed 2018.

Section 2 walking trail.jpg

A major improvement was the construction of 150 metres of timber boardwalk over a wet section. This area is well used by the local Age Care facility for their residents to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the water views - 2017.

Section 3 Walking Trail.jpg

Creek to Creek volunteers wish to thankyou for supporting our Major Fundraiser either by entering the Laurieton Multisport Challenge or by Sponsoring this great event or Volunteering your time to help with the smooth running of the event.  Thankyou!

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